How Fast does your Broadband Service need to be?

Thursday, 19 January 2017 13:43

One of the advantages of supplying broadband through a wireless network service is the quality of the supply. Where other ISPs (Internet Service Providers) talk about speeds being 'Up to ...' our wireless network will deliver 'at least' the package deal speed. It's that consistency of delivery that means a speed of only 5Mbps could be all you need. 

If you are in a household with only one or two devices needing to access the internet at any one time you may be surprised at just how much you can do with a 5Mbps service. You can receive and send e-mails, browse your social media, bank and shop online, watch catch-up tv or stream music or movies. For many customers this is all they want. It is what has prompted us at Volts Internet to introduce the Volts Starter package. The Starter costs only £25/month, (standard installation fee £299) making it very affordable for monthly budgeting. And if you outgrow the package over time it's an easy process to upgrade to your new requirements.

Quite possibly it is the upgrade ability that really makes the independent wireless network come into its own. We know that our customers internet speed needs will increase over time and have built in expansion capabilities from the outset. Right now you may only need 5 or 50Mbps speed, but in the future you’ll need more. And we’re ready!  We believe we'll be delivering services of 1GBMbps to our customers long before the usual Internet Service Providers are. 

Visit our website for more information and details about the range of Superfast speeds we offer.