What's it like to have Superfast Broadband?

Thursday, 30 March 2017 16:26

What does it mean to have access to Superfast Broadband speeds when you've been stuck on virtual dial-up for ever? A potential customer asked a friend of his who already uses our service how fast Volts Internet is. He immediately received a message with a file attached. The file was only 480kb in size but he still had to wait a while for it to download. It was a screenshot of a speedtest showing the download speed was more than his package deal speed. (Not an experience that happens with the usual suppliers). The potential customer signed up straight away. 

 We hear stories all the time of people who go away and have a cup of tea while they wait for files to download - downloading takes sooo long. Probably, that's the only thing a customer will miss when they get fast broadband. Not the waiting -, just all the tea breaks.