Why your bad broadband is killing your Holiday Cottage business

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 16:30

So, - you operate a gorgeous Holiday Cottage in a truly stunning part of the country. Your visitors are coming to enjoy the scenery and to get away from it all, aren’t they? Yes, they are. But there’s getting away from it all and then there’s getting away from it all. If you have bad broadband you might be used to not having regular access to your digital world, but your visitors will most likely not. And as much as every holiday needs an element of relaxation and decompressing for holiday makers to enjoy, at the end of the day they will also seek to be able to check-in with the office, or the folks at home, or embark on some XBox fun as part of their relaxation. And you won’t even know that poor internet access has lost you business because your potential guest has never called and told you so. Instead they’ll have looked at your website, seen no mention of Wi-Fi and moved on to another listing that has. But if your guest didn’t think to ask about internet access when they booked and then arrives to find you don’t have any, you could easily have lost repeat business.

But there is a solution. Look for a service like we here at Volts Internet provides - Superfast Broadband delivered wirelessly. It’s not as expensive as you might at first think. We can arrange bespoke packages tailored to your needs to make it as cost effective as possible. The question to ask yourself is, “Is it costing me more to be without it?” If it’s losing you business it probably is. Your hospitality and Holiday Accommodation could be second-to-none but there's a danger that without decent broadband your visitors could well spend future holiday visits elsewhere.