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Q. Is the wireless technology safe?

A. Absolutely! The radio wave equipment we use is short range and comparable to the signal output households already experience in the home from radio, TV and Wi-Fi. It's very safe.

Q. How can you deliver this service when other providers can't?

A. We are literally building our own network. It's not particularly easy but it's a tried and tested method used in many rural regions worldwide. It's probably also the quickest way to get Superfast Broadband to rural communities.

Q. Can I use your broadband service for VoIP, and online gaming?

A. Yes it's ideal. The speeds are fast, with most customers experiencing latency of no more than 17 ms which means lower lag times when gaming and no delays for VoIP calls.

Q. What happens during installation?

A. We attach a small Wi-Fi dish to your house, run a cable inside and attach it to one of our routers. It's as simple as that.

Q. How long is the contract?

A. Because of the work that's involved with installation new customers sign up to a 12 month contract. After that you only need to give one month's notice.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. All customers pay by Direct Debit. It's the simplest way to guarantee uninterrupted service.

Q. What if I experience problems with my service?

A. To be honest most customers never do but should that happen we are only a phone call away. That's one of the advantages of dealing with a local company. We are in the neighbourhood and looking after our customers is our top priority.

Q. What if I don't have line of sight with your base station?

A. Line of sight is essential for a Wireless Signal but in some instances we are able to lay fibre optic cable. That would mean some additional costs but we will be very happy to talk you through some options.

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